Orobouros.net @ Anime Boston 2007

(07/04/23): Ick, the processing came out really bad on these. I'll probably re-do the photoshap script I use. So, feel free to look around, but if there's anything you like (by which I mean, you think you'd show anywhere), let me know and I'll develop the photos correctly.

(07/04/24): Pictures are done and uploaded! I'm going to be going back and fixing the photoshop script and RAW import settings... later. If I don't get these up now, they'll probably end up stagnating. Which is bad. So, look though and enjoy. If there's anything you want, please -- really -- let me at least not make everything look all washed out. (This is what happens when I use too much flash.)

Here's the link to other AB reports and pictures from Cosplay.com: http://forums.cosplay.com/showpost.php?p=1835321&postcount=2.

And yes, there will be a real con report coming soon. Kinda.

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