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sdcc_2005-07-14_15-04-00_2726 [Harry Potter] sdcc_2005-07-14_16-17-04_2727 Selling Refreshments! sdcc_2005-07-14_16-23-16_2728 Starbucks. sdcc_2005-07-14_17-11-20_2729 [Futurama] sdcc_2005-07-14_17-54-46_2730 ...along with me and Lester. sdcc_2005-07-14_17-55-02_2731 [Star Wars] sdcc_2005-07-14_18-07-24_2732 Made out of scrap metals, I think. sdcc_2005-07-14_18-07-38_2733 (again) sdcc_2005-07-14_18-07-50_2734 It was actually kinda freaky taking this photo. sdcc_2005-07-14_18-08-48_2735 Again, made out of scrap metal. sdcc_2005-07-14_18-08-58_2736 More scrap metal, this one only about eight inches tall. sdcc_2005-07-14_18-16-44_2737 Dark Phoenix sdcc_2005-07-14_18-17-34_2738 HeroClix game piece. sdcc_2005-07-14_18-23-24_2739 [Shoujo Kakume Utena] sdcc_2005-07-14_18-23-38_2740 [Card Captor Sakura] sdcc_2005-07-14_18-44-00_2741 [Evil Dead / Army of Darkness]
I like the sideburns, a nice touch. sdcc_2005-07-14_18-54-54_2742 [Batman] sdcc_2005-07-14_19-03-18_2743 [Pirates of the Carribean] sdcc_2005-07-14_19-13-40_2744 [???] sdcc_2005-07-14_19-14-22_2745 [Naruto] sdcc_2005-07-14_19-22-08_2746 At the Dark Horse autograph signing session. sdcc_2005-07-14_19-22-14_2747 (again) sdcc_2005-07-14_19-26-18_2748 Lord Vader sdcc_2005-07-14_19-26-28_2749 Obi-Wan Kenobi
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