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sdcc_2005-07-17_15-55-06_2970 [???] sdcc_2005-07-17_16-11-34_2971 [???] sdcc_2005-07-17_16-15-54_2972 [Howl's Moving Castle] sdcc_2005-07-17_16-16-02_2973 [Inu Yasha] sdcc_2005-07-17_16-17-00_2974 [???] sdcc_2005-07-17_16-21-22_2975 [???] sdcc_2005-07-17_16-26-36_2976 Highlander figures to be released next year. sdcc_2005-07-17_16-26-50_2977 (again) sdcc_2005-07-17_16-27-04_2978 (again) sdcc_2005-07-17_16-27-14_2979 (again) sdcc_2005-07-17_16-30-50_2981 Just plain weird. sdcc_2005-07-17_16-32-34_2982 [Final Fantasy VII] sdcc_2005-07-17_17-01-14_2983 This is what happens to people who (allegedly) try to shoplift at comiccon.  Security was on him before I even knew what was going on. sdcc_2005-07-17_17-01-34_2984 I wasn't even aware they were licenced security.  (Due to legal issues, physical force is regulated, at least in certain states.) sdcc_2005-07-17_17-59-08_2985 sdcc_2005-07-17_17-59-14_2986 sdcc_2005-07-17_17-59-26_2987 sdcc_2005-07-17_18-00-22_2988 [Batman] sdcc_2005-07-17_18-00-50_2989 sdcc_2005-07-17_18-01-22_2990 sdcc_2005-07-17_18-06-12_2991 [Naruto] sdcc_2005-07-17_18-07-50_2992 [Star Wars]
This guy looked really close to Sir Alec Guinness sdcc_2005-07-17_18-08-08_2993

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