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sdcc_2005-07-14_11-47-52_2673 [Legend of Zelda] sdcc_2005-07-14_12-18-48_2674 Cadillac frame, and actually ran, but probably not street legal. sdcc_2005-07-14_12-20-32_2675 Yoda statue. sdcc_2005-07-14_12-24-26_2676 Taller than I am. sdcc_2005-07-14_12-28-42_2677 Celes, Yuna sdcc_2005-07-14_12-30-28_2678 Probably the most unique booth in the exhibit hall. sdcc_2005-07-14_12-32-40_2679 Probably hired, but cool nonetheless. sdcc_2005-07-14_12-40-04_2681 Hail to the King!  (Promating Bruce Campbell's appearance.) sdcc_2005-07-14_13-01-50_2682 sdcc_2005-07-14_13-02-18_2683 Promo for the Transformers movie, to be unveiled next year. sdcc_2005-07-14_13-02-32_2684 Again, probably hired staff. sdcc_2005-07-14_13-03-40_2685 Very cool. sdcc_2005-07-14_13-05-10_2686 Being used to underlit rooms at other cons' I though I needed to increase the exposure. sdcc_2005-07-14_13-09-50_2687 Gogo Yubari sdcc_2005-07-14_13-18-02_2690 Cid sdcc_2005-07-14_13-19-44_2691 [Full Metal Alchemist] sdcc_2005-07-14_13-21-28_2692 Duff-Man! sdcc_2005-07-14_13-30-56_2693 Hermoine sdcc_2005-07-14_13-33-40_2694 [Star Trek] sdcc_2005-07-14_13-34-06_2695 SIGN: Free Collectible Stewie Card sdcc_2005-07-14_13-34-50_2696 [Star Trek] sdcc_2005-07-14_13-35-00_2697 Green Lantern sdcc_2005-07-14_13-36-48_2698 [Naruto, Kill Bill] sdcc_2005-07-14_13-37-46_2699 [Lord of the Rings]
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