Orobouros.net @ Katsucon 9


Important things first, I've got my pictures edited and captioned, and all the html pages done. The pictures are here for your enjoyment. When I get a chance, I'll be posting a real report here. However, due to the crazy weather together with a pinch of my own lazines, the report itself will have to wait for a little while. If you really want to know what I thought of the con, I might post some of my own little thoughts in my livejournal before too long.

What I do have to put here on the main page right away is a list of thanks for a bunch of people.
Thanks to Keiyo, Lester, and Rick for putting up with the crap I pulled them into and makeing sure I could chill when I needed to.
Thanks to Jess for makings sure things worked out okay with the vans, rooms, and whatever else came up.
Thanks for Andy and Mike for driving down here, and back up to Baltimore in the snow.
A BIG thank you to Erika for the Meroko plushie.
Thanks to Al for not minding me follow him around from time to time to get good pictures.
Thanks to Mark and Rob for the dead dog entertainment.
Thanks to Ariel and Samji for putting up with me and Andy.
Thanks to Jenny for the portrait.
Big thanks to Anna for help with the captions.
To everybody new I met, thanks for being so friendly.
To everybody I got to see again after way too long, even if it was just a month ago, it looks like even with an extra day to be around, it's not really enough to catch up on everything. But that's a hell of a lot better than nothing, and I hope everybody got through the weather okay, and to see you at the next one.

If you see any pictures with broken links or have any information regarding the captions, please let me know by emailing me at ollie@orobouros.net

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