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After AMA a few weeks ago, I've decided not to do much more con report writing while I'm tired, and guess what?
I'm sticking to that. I'm dead tired right now, sitting in the airport while waiting for my flight out of LA, which is late again. I've got a bunch of stuff to write about, but it needs to be covered in real detail, not with the fragments of sanity I have left right now. However, once I get back, I need to start moving, and get ready for my big job interview. (Wish me luck!) Since that means that those will all be taking priority over writing this report, I leave you now with a few random observations.
  • The new Anaheim CC is wonderful. It made the con too big, though, spacewise. It often felt like there was nothing to do, and nothing going on.
  • Everybody assumed that Kevin Lillard would be there, even me. Nobody bothered to check what his website says.
  • Cosplay is as fun as you make it out to be. Man-Faye sure looked like he was enjoying it, no matter how much it was at other's cost, and no matter how many better costumers were out there.
  • Some photographers are pervs.
  • If I ever become bad like that, I hope somebody shoots me.
  • I need a cell phone.

Like I said, just a few random observations. Pictures are available soon, if not already since you're reading this.

UPDATE: I've been having particular difficulty with these pictures, in particular getting the thumbnails right. I think I've fixed it all, but if any of the thumbnails are skewed, or pictures appear in duplicate, please let me know.

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