Orobouros.net at Otakon 2001

As you can probably tell, this report is not going to be like my other reports. Well, at least not like any of my more recent convention reports. Why? Otakon 2001 was much different than any con I've been to before. This is mostly because I was in the cosplay, as part of the award winning X/1999 skit - . We had a lot of practicing to do, so between that and registration and the cosplay itself, I didn't have that much time to take pictures with my digicam. On top of that, my whole weekend was riddled with problems, from not having a room key, to the long distance between hotels, parking, and the convention center, and to top it off, loosing my wallet Sunday. Despite this, I managed to take over one hundred photos. They can all be found right here on this page, each with a discription (but no thumbnails). Even though I've slacked off in that department for a few con reports, you can find my shoutouts at the end of the page.

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