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Ryu takes a break

Mega-Pujiko plushie with lesser plushies.

Those were the last of the pre-cosplay con pics. Even though I didn't get to the hotel until about the mid-afternoon on Friday, neither did a lot of other people, so there weren't that many hall costumers to take pics of. By no means was I able to get pics of every cosplayer. instead of running around and trying to get pics of every single cosplayer, I just took it all easy and snapped off shots of the ones as they came by.
Up next, the cosplay photos. Since Kevin Lillard wasn't able to make it, I thought I could step into his shoes and take a seat on the floor right next to the main events stage. Thanks to Tikki and the rest of the masquerade staff for letting me get a close up "seat" even though I missed the sign-up earlier at the con. So, I got a fairly decent view of the cosplay and at least one pic of each entry. Unfortunately, because I was sitting on the floor, off to the side of the stage, my camera angle was not the best. I'm still happy with most of my cosplay pics, though, even if some of them are just of somebody's back. Enough talk...

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