Anime Mid-Atlantic - Final Thought

And that's the last of the pictures. AMA wasn't a large con, so I didn't even get to filling up a memory card even once. But It was still really great. For a first year con, it was run very well, and I certainly want to go back next year. One of my large disappointments with Animazement was with their programing. I've slowly been finding myself doing less and less actual con things at conventions, instead choosing to just hang out with my friends. I wouldn't trade spending time with friends for anything, but yet I feel it is a little bit of a waste to go to a con just to hang out with people. AMA was a nice change, though, offering a lot of programing that appealed to me and I could really take part in. I think it might be due in part to the staff. I knew most of them, if not personally, by reputation, and that made the whole con experience much more real. It hasn't really changed my mind about taking a break from cons for a while, though. Between travel, costumes, lodging, and time, conventions have started to take a toll on my wallet, and cons often just don't quite give me the same "rush" or excitement any more. I'd prefer to attend fewer cons, and make them something special, than just hit almost every con I can, each one being something of a hassle. A man wiser than I put it best: It's time to quit when something stops being fun and becomes a chore. It's not like I plan to disappear, just ration my time and expenses more conservatively.
What's up with that picture? It wasn't the last of my pictures, but I felt it made a good picture for the last page in the gallery. What does it mean? I don't know, and I'm not going to try and figure it out. I'd heard of signs like that, but thought it was the same as the snipe. Well, now I've seen one with my own eyes. For anybody who's willing to make the pilgrimage, it's at the Italian restaurant about a mile east of the Holiday Inn.
As I've always said, cons are just as much about the people as the anime and manga. AMA got the balance pretty darn right. It might suffer the same fate as so many other cons once it gets bigger, loosing sight of the fan, of the individual, and becoming impersonal and stuffed with poor programing. I hope not. But if so, I'm sure there will be another con that sprouts up to attract us to a weekend of entertainment and friendship. I might not make as many cons in the future, but I'll be there.

Anime Mid-Atlantic drew about 600 attendees, roughly the same total number AnimeUSA has had over both years. There were no known major problems for either the hotel, the convention, the staff, or any attendees. As of this time, it is not known if there will be another Anime Mid-Atlantic.

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