It's 5:24 am... do you know where your cocoon is?

If you do, drop the cocoon!

Then you can go ahead and take a look at my pictures from Animazement 2000, the best con I've been to. They were taken on my Olympus D-320L digital camera. These are mostly cosplay pics, with a few others thrown in for... entertainment. A few have been removed for various reasons. Sorry, there are no thumbnails, but I do try to describe the pics here before you go through the trouble to download them. For anybody with a highspeed internet connection, you can view all pics in full size at once.
Any pictures that are up here may be taken down upon request of anybody in the picture. If any of these pictures are of you, please contact me - see below - and I'll remove the picture, or change the caption if that's all you want. I'd appriciate it if you notice any misakes, please tell me about it so I don't have any wrong/missing information on my page. Anybody who wishes to use these pictures is free to do so. However, if you post them on another site, a photo credit to Ollie would be nice; any modification of any of these pictures reqires my prior permission, though. I'd appriciate it if anyFor anybody who is interested, I also have a few Kastucon pics, but they are not ordered, and have no index page. Enjoy!

  1. H-chan as the award winning Tama-neko
  2. Kero-chan, Tama-neko, and Chuchu
  3. Nyanko as Yui and Cordelia as Soi - Fushigi Yuugi
  4. Sailor Moon
  5. Susaku no Seishi and Jesse
  6. Rezo from Slayers
  7. Hiko from Rurouni Kenshin
  8. Bondage Fairy
  9. Mew sits atop the Cross Punisher
  10. Angel as Card Captor Sakura (pink battle uniform)
  11. Duo from Gundam Wing
  12. Misa and Cristi as Yuri and Kei. And Andy as OPA.
  13. Skuld from Ah! Megami-sama
  14. Mitsukake, Nuriko, and Tasuki (Me, Elise, and Danny)
  15. Danny and Elise
  16. Angel as Mai Shiranui and Alisa as a Card Girl from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
  17. Amy and Carolina as Card Girls
  18. Three card girls
  19. Final Fantasy IV characters (Roxy and the Bolk brothers)
  20. Mai and Dan
  21. Utena characters (Nanami - Cordelia; Touga - Jason; Utena - Anna; Juri - Nyanko)
  22. More Utena (Amy as Shiori and Carolina as TV Utena)
  23. Kimmie and Ally
  24. Angel as Belldandy from Ah! Megami-sama!
  25. Slayers Try character and Alisa as Comet from Bust-A-Move
  26. Mike's got balls to do that costume! ;)
  27. Kat as Claw-girl and Kris as Cat-girl
  28. Um... I'll need my brains back...
  29. Sakura Taisen character
  30. bootlicking
  31. Utena group does kareoke
  32. Uh oh! Somebody want's it use the GONG!
  33. Take that, you fiend!
  34. Kareoke group emergres victoreously
  35. Parker and friend
  36. timewarp
  37. Mitsubishi finds his favorite singer!
  38. Shin gets mauled by Rachael's wig
  39. more boot licking
  40. NADESICO licence plate
  41. Angel as the Susaku no Miko
  42. Nadia, Asuka, and Mistress 9
  43. Haruka and Hotaru
  44. Char Arzamble and Zechs Marquise (Bolk brothers)
  45. Me as Mitsubishi -- I mean Mitsukake and the Dirty Pair... I mean Lovly Angels!
  46. Danny as Li Soran
  47. Mouse and Shampoo - you know what they're from!
  48. from the anime KITE
  49. Susaku Seishi
  50. ditto
  51. again
  52. Paul as Aburatsubo-sempai from Mahou Tsukai Tai!
  53. Diana as Lady Kiyura
  54. Wings of Honneamise uniform
  55. Dan T as Clark Steele
  56. Inu-Yasha
  57. Dirty Pairs!
  58. YuriYuri and KeiKei
  59. One half times two...
  60. ...and the other half times two!
  61. Mitsukake with Tama-neko
  62. Old school vs New school!
  63. Battle Angel Gally
  64. Chibi Sailor Mercury
  65. Phil as Marcus from Virus Buster Serge
  66. Roxy as Lina Inverse - Slayers
  67. Hitomi and Merle - Escaflowne
  68. Duo - Gundam Wing
  69. Gettin' Jiggy with it!
  70. Skuld - AMG!
  71. Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin
  72. Sailor Saturn
  73. Utena
  74. Angel as CC Sakura with GloCards
  75. Angel as CC Sakura and Chibi Sakuras!
  76. MIL-CHAN! Why didn't I bring Maze!?
  77. Shaft!
  78. COSP ML group photo... I think.
  79. again
  80. Girls with the Cross Punisher
  81. ditto
  82. I lent my Camera to derek...
  83. It's an autofocus...
  84. ...and yes, it works.
  85. The art show room... NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!
  86. Yuu Watase, Tasuki, and Derek
  87. again
  88. last picture before I get my camera back
  89. Lander as Eternal Sailor Moon
  90. Miaka and Alisa as Comet in background
  91. Lineup before the cosplay. Yes, that's Derek in the front. :)
  92. Utena skit
  93. again
  94. Merle and Van
  95. Kero-chan, Chuchu, and Meouth at the Dance. Great costumes by Elise, Danny, and Andy
  96. Kat, the box, and I.
  97. skinny white guy and big black guy
  98. Shinji being the pimp daddy!
  99. Lander get his box signed.
  100. Hector and Bob
  101. We got kicked out of the lobby for this one. Please note that the two (male) hotel staff members are smiling.
  102. Ruri and Jinnai sketches on THE BOX
  103. worshiping the box
  104. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!
  105. Tamahome celebrates

For other pics from Animazement go to Kevin Lillard's A Fan's View. This is THE site to go to for con reports and pics. Also visit Gen-chan's for more pics, as well as Anna neko-chan's site for more good pics. At the time I'm writing this (monday after AZ), there aren't already that many pics up, but look around and I'm sure you'll find more.


LordKing - Dude, a lot of this wouldn't have been possible without you.
Amy, Carolina, and Kimmie - you girls are the sweetest! Take care of yourselfs!
Mike - Great to see you again, man!
Hector - This stuff's great, man! It was great to meet you (again)!
Donne - For somebody I've only known a short time, you've been a great friend!
Anna - Nice to see you again! Sorry I didn't have Touga with me. You can go ahead and glomp me next time!
Jason - Great to see you again, too! Thanks for letting me record the cosplay.
Kat - You know it's great to have you around!
Heather - Nice to meet you finally!
Elise - In the elevator!
Khourey - WHAZZZUP! You know you're my favorite black guy!
Diana - We'll keep in touch this time!
Kris and Mike - It just wouldn't be the same without you guys!
Angel - Girl, I love your costumes! And I'm going to get you to go to another con soon so I can get a pic with you as Suzaku no Miko!
Knobs - I'm going to die for your sins anyways, so have some FUN! ps I want some food!
Nyanko - Nice to meet you! I didn't know of all the people I knew from cons lived around Baltimore!
Derek and Alisa - You know you're cool. Till later.
Kevin - You know I can't not shout out to my Baltimore buddy! Lander - Your apostle awaits...
ORGY people who didn't make it :( - You guys were in my thoughts! Till the next con!

I know there are people I missed. You know who I am, send me an email at or contact me over AIM - SaberX - or ICQ - 55034079.

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